The March tour has been postponed. Please follow "Tacoma Art Bus" on facebook or check back here for the next ART BUS tour.

ART BUS is a guided bus tour in Tacoma Washington. The mission is to support local businesses and make art appreciation accessible to all kinds of people, have fun and to spotlight local galleries and artists. Every tour includes guided tour of art exhibits, copious amounts of silliness, free food and a chance to win prizes!

The ART BUS Tour launches from Tacoma’s Nightlife District in Downtown Tacoma. Look for the big yellow school bus at the curb near 805 Pacific Ave. If the tickets do not sell out online, they can be purchased in person a ½ hour before the tour begins at the launch point.



Tacoma ART BUS is a tour of art exhibits hosted by Duchess of Downtown Tours.  In March of 2010 this tour was born of a need to navigate Tacoma’s art scene during Third Thursday Artwalk, a multiple venue event across Tacoma. This month we celebrate 6 years of ART BUS Tours showing people the hidden gems and vibrant art scene.

The ART BUS VIP bags are famously full of delightful gifts from local businesses. The sum total of the items in the bags typically ranges from $100 to $300. ART BUS riders can opt in with the VIP ticket or earn one by spending $30 or more at the stops on the tour.

Follow Tacoma ART BUS on Facebook for announcements about tickets going up for sale, more details about each stop as they are announced and for information about other upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/TacomaARTBUS/?fref=ts

Do you want your place to be on a future ART BUS route?

Here are the requirements for being on the ART BUS Tour:

1) You must have an art exhibit
2) You pay $100 in advance (we accept checks or we can send you a link to pay online)
3) You need send a paragraph (via email) written in third person for our tour guide to read about your place and the exhibit on display
4) You send a photo (via email) that represents either the place or the art (we post them on facebook with the script to promote the tour and put them in our event program).
5) You must plan be open from 6 to 8:30 pm on the Third Thursday
6) Your shop must be in Downtown, Dome District, Hilltop, 6th Ave District, Ruston, Old Town, Proctor or in close proximity.

1) You can put 25 small items in our VIP gift bags
2) You can donate a bigger prize for the game and/or raffle

Send the above information to angela@duchessofdowntowntours.com at least 3 weeks in advance and be sure to indicate which month you are applying for.

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